A commitment to donate profits in aid of Palestine ; Free Shipping on orders over $100 (USA)

About us

Fashioned by Faith, Woven by His Word

At Kalam, we believe that clothing is an expression of faith and an extension of our spiritual journey. We are a modest clothing brand dedicated to creating pieces that are not just worn, but experienced. Our name, derived from the Arabic for 'speech' or 'word', reflects our commitment to communicating the essence of spirituality through our designs.

In a world where fashion is fleeting, Kalam stands as a testament to timeless modesty. Our garments are carefully crafted to honor the principles of faith that guide us, ensuring each piece resonates with the sanctity of His Word. We merge traditional motifs with contemporary designs, creating a line that is both culturally rich and modestly modern.

"Fashioned by Faith" encapsulates our mission. We curate collections that are mindful of cultural heritage while embracing the universal values of modesty. Our pieces are designed to inspire, uplift, and connect individuals from all walks of life in a shared narrative of respect and reverence.

"Woven by His Word" speaks to the divine inspiration behind our work. It is our belief that the fabric of our clothing should be as pure as the intentions behind it, carrying the message of unity and peace. Our commitment to ethical production and sustainable practices ensures that every garment is a celebration of what we hold sacred.

Kalam is more than a clothing brand; it is a movement. We are advocates for a world where fashion is a form of worship, where style speaks to soulfulness, and where each garment supports a greater good. A portion of every sale is dedicated to charitable efforts, beginning with our current support for the people of Palestine. As Kalam grows, our outreach will expand, touching lives and uplifting communities in faith.


Half of all profits generated by our sales are dedicated to the noble cause of supporting Palestine, underscoring our commitment to contributing to the well-being and aid of this vital region. Simultaneously, the remaining half is strategically reinvested within Kalam, our esteemed company, with the overarching objective of fortifying its foundations. This reinvestment is meticulously designed to enhance the organizational strength and resilience of Kalam, thereby positioning it to play an even more impactful role in advancing the broader interests of the ummah. Through this balanced approach, we strive not only to fulfill our philanthropic responsibilities but also to ensure the sustained growth and fortification of our corporate entity for the greater benefit of the entire community.